No More Holding Your Tongue… Speak Your Power!

Shhhhh!  Be quiet ????

How many times in your childhood did you receive that as feedback any time you wanted to speak up?

Now if you were throwing a tantrum because your parents didn’t buy you that extra toy…It makes sense they may have told you to quiet down.

But no matter what situation caused your parents or grandparents to tell you to hold your tongue…

It’s this act of feeling silenced that can plant the epigenetic seeds of “self-muting” in your adult life.

Causing you to back yourself into a corner of constantly shutting down the power of your own voice…Never truly embracing your personal power.

So in today’s blog post, I wanted to pull back the veil on the 3 most common lies of “self-muting” that can prevent you from stepping into your true voice!

Lie #1:  The Fear Of Upsetting Others

If you carry a limiting belief from your childhood that when you speak up, people get upset, then you will naturally tend to hold your tongue.

Because any “good kid” would never do anything to upset anyone right?

And because at our core we all wish to BE GOOD…Then we will only take the action that we believe will make that a reality.

Unfortunately when this limiting belief carries over into adulthood, it can wreak havoc within your personal life and career.

All because you are holding on to a deep fear of upsetting others.

Which can quickly unleash a tidal wave of emotional suppression and heartache with your closest relationships.

How?  It comes down to you not feeling capable of providing deep insights and empowering perspectives to those in your life.

A quick example comes from a client of mine who recently was chatting with his father about a random choice his dad had made out of the blue.

Now my friend felt deeply that his father’s decision was made too fast and based simply off emotion.  He was concerned that his father didn’t recognize certain after effects that could cause him unexpected pain.

But because my client has always held his tongue when it comes to speaking up to his father during these emotional decisions as a young man…

He found himself still frozen in fear as a 49 year old in this current interaction and unable to provide key insights to his father.

This is why finding the methods to release these limiting beliefs are so important so you can step into your power as an adult.

This way you can speak up and be there for those you care about and provide support and healing.

Lie #2:  A Curse To Your Capability

This second challenge normally rears its ugly head within your career or as you attempt to launch your own business ventures.

And it stems from experiences in your past where you spoke up to share your idea…But parents, teachers or friends shot it down and shooed you away as if your idea held no value.

It is through these experiences that can cause you to feel a deep and crippling wound internally regarding your own power and capability.

That once you hit adulthood, this curse hangs on and prevents you from truly expanding into abundance in your work.

For example…What if you have an amazing, groundbreaking idea that could create massive results with a project at your job?

But your idea is completely opposite to the current idea pitched by your supervisor who is directly responsible for your raise.

If you carry the fear of upsetting others with your voice, then you will “self-mute” and keep quiet about your idea.

And because of that fear, the company you work for loses out on a massive opportunity and you lose out on the chance to stand out as a leader.

Which could’ve led to you earning a new position AND a raise!

But by holding your tongue in fear, you lose out on claiming your power.

So by giving into the fear of upsetting others, you only end up upsetting yourself and living in regret.  

Lie #3:  A Voice Not Worthy 

This third and final challenge is the one I’ve always felt called on a deep level to guide my clients through to rediscover their true self.

For it can create a lifelong ripple effect across your internal seas of certainty.

Leaving you feeling lost, ignored and losing self-esteem.

It has to do with you feeling that your voice is not worthy of being heard.

This can come from childhood experiences where no matter what you said or how you said it…Your voice was never heard.

What you had to say never seemed to count.

Even tiny things like when your family was choosing what movie to go see on a weekend…And you spoke up with enthusiasm for your choice.

Only to have your parents only listen to your brothers or sisters and go with their idea instead.

And if this continues to happen consistently over time, you begin to feel that anything you express through your voice has no value.  No worth.

Which eventually breaks down your self-confidence into a million pieces scattered to the wind…Causing you to never speak up with conviction for what you want and desire.

Don’t buy into these lies…The truth is something much different.

Your Voice is powerful…

Your Voice is divine…

Your Voice matters!

Embrace the full power of your voice and turn up the volume today!