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Experience a complete rebirth of your DNA, amplify the magnetic force of your soul, and awaken your innate healing gifts.


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Give us 7 days of your commitment and receive the deepest spiritual purge and soul renewal of your life to reclaim inner freedom, power, and clarity.

What’s Included:

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Three 90-minute live Zoom experiences »

A live epigenetics energy healing and DNA clearing experience.

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Three 60-minute live meditation clearings »

Release blockages and transform inherited patterns in your epigenetics.

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Daily rituals »

Practice accessing your unique crystalline energetic signature with specifically crafted exercises and self-led experiences.

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Global Community »

Connect with heart-centered, spiritually-minded women from all over the world in our private Facebook group.



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If it were not for her highly intuitive insight and healing sessions, I would still be on the same hamster wheel, repeating old and unhealthy tendencies. I would also not be pursuing a new career path that brings me so much joy. Because of Lisa, I can remain calmer and more focused when life throws curve balls, while not losing myself in the process.

Founder, Numerology Catalyst 

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"My life opened up in ways I never thought possible… Working with Lisa Thomas has completely transformed my life. I am making more money, working with more of my ideal clients, and enjoying the work that I do more than ever before.

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Today, I am earning more money than I've ever made before!
Lisa eliminated inherited money blocks and old patterns of attracting the wrong people. My entire life has much more harmony, happiness and financial abundance."

Founder, Publisher, and CEO at Beverly Hills Publishing


This is a siren call for the visionaries, entrepreneurs, and light leaders to reach a new level of energetic awakening.

This is an advanced master’s healing for women who want to stretch the essence of who they are and who they can be for the world. Women who’ve already done deep excavation work, and still feel their soul calling them for more.

If you’re here, you know yourself to be a leader. 

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You uplift others around you and inspire action in individuals and communities.

You delight in stretching the essence of who you are and who you can be for the world. You’re ready for the next threshold of personal expansion.

Crystalline You is your roadmap to come home to your deepest truth, power, and potency, that you know is inside you.

As a fellow busy woman, you need intuitive, straight-to-the-point lessons that you can apply directly to every life area– and we promise to deliver.

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Here, you’ll uncover the missing piece- the key hidden in your genetic lineage. You’ll clear out the energetic burdens of your ancestors by traveling into your shadow, healing your epigenetics, and reprogramming your DNA. You’ll make space for the Crystalline You to arise and flourish.

When we come together as one community, we create a grid of healing and a unity field. When one woman heals, we all heal.

Who is Lisa Thomas?

Lisa Thomas sitting with elbow on her knee and fist under chin

I’m a sought-after epigenetics expert, speaker, author, and transformational leader. I’ve helped thousands of people worldwide achieve their business and life goals by releasing Inherited Emotional DNA

Whether it’s fear of success, fear of failure, anxiety, procrastination, fear of public speaking, false money beliefs, relationship drama, or business stagnation, I get to the root of and dissolve the patterns hidden in your energetic lineage.

I guide others to accelerate their healing, expand their self-awareness, embrace collaboration and contribute to transforming the future of society.

And for the first time ever, I’m hosting Crystalline You Immersion to help women be a force of love so bright that shockwaves of healing occur in their presence and even the center of the planet feels their crystalline truth.

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Because we need it more than ever right now. The planet is begging us for our presence and attention.

I’m here to be a home for a community of women from wildly diverse backgrounds yet share a mission: to be a light so bright that even the darkest corners of their psyches get freedom and relief.


Because we need it more than ever right now.

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By saying yes to this, your soul will reclaim space to breathe as joy and freedom come alive inside of you. You’ll release your most stubborn blocks of sabotaging fears, whether conscious or not.

Crystalline You is a coming home to your divine nature, like putting together the pieces of a fractured mirror: restoring wholeness, clarity, and vision to the reflection of who you are. This is the access point to the temple of pure manifestation.

This is your unlimited potential.


Do you dare to awaken your Crystalline You?

A deeper look into the experience:

Two 90-minute live Zoom experiences  

Hot seat coaching, group epigenetics and DNA clearing experience, and Q&A. These sessions are laser-focused on clearing out the stress, negative self-talk, sabotaging habits, and emotional blockages that keep you stuck and activate your innate, subconscious, even cellular ‘success energies’ that virtually attract the success you want with less effort. Here are some key areas that you’ll feel :

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 Clear the fear that’s holding you back, releasing mistrust and terror allowing you to take action with confidence.

Gold hands shaking with the word "Relationships"

Clearing tension, jealousy, and resentment allowing loving, lasting relationships

Gold Heart with Forgiveness underneath

Releasing blame, hurt, and rejection allowing you to step into your life purpose

Gold Flag on Mountain peak with "Success" underneath

Release feelings of inadequacy, negativity, and doubt allowing doors of opportunity to open in your world

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 Clear inherited beliefs of scarcity and shame allowing new beliefs of abundance and wealth

Three 60-minute live Zoom guided meditation clearings 

These healing activations will clear the hidden blocks hidden in your epigenetics. Inherited energy blocks are sneaky, often unconscious, assumptions that have been passed down to you from your lineage. These beliefs stem from an experience of trauma or scarcity around the ideas of success, prosperity, and love that your ancestors lived through. If these beliefs are lingering in your DNA you will be repelled from that which you desire most (don’t worry, it happens to all of us!)

 Daily Rituals

Experience being guided in a 7-day healing vortex where you’re invited to take daily action on your healing process. You’ll put your new belief systems into action. Through writing, self-talk, sharing with people in your life, and meditations, you will be guided to experience an entirely new way of living.

We’ll see you in the immersion!