We all are an elaborate tapestry of the inherited DNA of our ancestors. Blue eyes, olive skin, ginger hair; all traits that have come from our forebears. That being said, we don’t typically include over-eating, fear of financial success, anxiety around being noticed in public, or complications with submitting assignments as our inheritance as well.

This week, Unconventional Life spoke with transformational leader, gifted healer, and intuitive coach Lisa Thomas. Lisa was incredibly generous in offering practical tools, affirmations, and meditations for eliminating the invisible blocks that bind us.

Afraid of spiders and don’t know why? Can’t understand why you binge eat in secret?

Lisa works with epigenetics, inherited DNA, and inherited traumas that affect the manner in which people live their lives. She explains these illogical tendencies as based on the life experiences of our ancestors that can show up unannounced in our lives. Carrying these seemingly unexplainable tendencies in our bloodlines, people can unknowingly replay patterns from their family’s past. Lisa explains the deep patterns of scarcity within our society as a genetic hangover from the great depression.

Still dating the same “type” that ends the same way repeatedly? Can’t seem to stop a destructive communication pattern every time you visit your parents? Always get sick the day before you go on holiday?

This is not bad karma. This is not wrongdoing by an ancestor. Lisa explains, “our subconscious knows everything about us and I really believe that the subconscious, which is also called the ego-mind really, gets a bad rap because really the ego is trying to support us”. The subconscious mind attempts to protect us, without knowing truth from life.

Enter Lisa.

Repatterning with the power of words

According to Lisa, every word in the dictionary has a vibration. When we think certain words, our vibration shifts. In this way, words carry a power that translates into our physical experience of the world. The constant berated self-talk can be gruesome. Lisa offered a technique for shifting the internal dialogues.

“There is a power to speaking out loud, by the way, and I’ll tell you why. It activates the neuro pathways in your brain. It gets you out of that subconscious, you have to hear yourself…when you have [a] negative thought, you have to call it out and this is what you say. Cancel, cancel, only love is spoken here. Cancel, cancel only love is spoken here.”

This technique will disrupt the pattern. The brain will stop talking in that way when it realizes it’s not love and, over time new neural pathways will be forged. Our hopes and dreams can manifest when patterns are released from our bloodlines.

Empathic vs. Clairsentient

Conversations around spirit and energy can get muddy when definitions vary. Let’s get on the same page, shall we?


They can often feel overwhelmed by being in large groups of people. They can feel others and often take it on as their own. It could be said that they “carry the life burdens of other people.” For example, an empath can watch the news and identify with what’s going on. It is important to identify when a feeling is yours and when it’s not.

A quick tip: When you’re energy drops, stop and ask yourself, is this mine or someone else’s?


Someone who senses and understands the feelings of others but doesn’t own it. They can see if from the bird’s eye view.

*Note: These two gifts are not mutually exclusive

“To those who are empaths and those who feel that they have spiritual gifts right now, this is your time. And, if you feel like you’re a healer and you want to take a step in that direction, I really want to encourage you to do it.”