Wanting More: Breaking Free from Generational Patterns


Have you ever found yourself questioning everything in your life? Wondering about the purpose of it all, and if there's more to life than just the daily grind? If so, you're not alone. Often generational patterns stand in our way. It's common and many people go through moments of deep introspection and existential questioning. In this video, I explore the desire for more, the internal


Wanting More: Breaking Free from Generational Patterns2024-01-24T15:04:30-08:00

Healing Your Own Epigenetics


Epigenetics is how our DNA expresses itself.  Our emotional DNA impacts our self-beliefs, how we experience the world around us and our money flow.  Epigenetics includes innate fears of public speaking, visibility, fear of failure, perfectionism, procrastination and so much more.  Here's How Epigenetics Works We all have our own DNA code that makes us 6ft tall or 5ft 5.  


Healing Your Own Epigenetics2024-01-05T09:43:55-08:00
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