What is a little thing you do that blocks your money abundance?

What do you do when it comes to money that complicates your life?

We can inherit patterns of not feeling worthy to ask for more or to ask for a raise. Many of us were taught by our parents to be grateful for what we have and that it was selfish of us to ask for more or want for more.

We can inherit the pattern of fearing money because people with money are bad and not honest in their dealings with people that are not wealthy.

We hold ourselves back because we don’t want people to ask to borrow money or we don’t want others to be critical and judgmental of our money.

It’s a cycle that keeps us on a hamster wheel.

It’s possible to clear these patterns as you don’t need to hold on to them. You can help other people and stay in integrity by honoring who you are.

When we commit to the little things, we invite more effortless abundance into our life. It is a simple principle that has a compound effect.

If you have ever felt stuck and overwhelmed doing everything at once to change your financial life, let me share with you an empowering visualization that will open doors of ease and flow now and for the future to receive the money abundance you deserve! 

What is shared

💗 Learn how to commit to the little things that will change your financial life

💗 Learn how to unlock new doors of ease and flow with your money situations

💗 Find out how to receive all the financial abundance you’ve always deserved

💗 Discover an empowering visualization that will help you break the cycle of your inherited money patterns 

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