As adults, we often overlook pure fun.

Happiness can seem elusive as our adult commitments, obligations, and expectations deprive us of the rejuvenation that comes from play. We lost sight of this somewhere between child and adulthood.

The point of play is simply to experience a moment of happiness without a goal or destination.<!–more–>

Maybe your childhood didn’t include much play; maybe life was consumed by chores and homework. Maybe play wasn’t encouraged. I understand.

Now is the time to reward yourself with the many benefits that come with intentional play time. Play in the sense of activity that allows you to stop time and drop all your awareness of your obligations and responsibilities.

Allow yourself to fall into the world of joyful abandonment of the past and future that we get so caught up in our daily life. Your options for playtime are as limitless as your imagination is.

Let me share with you a powerful guided visualization around play, it will help you give yourself permission to pause and play in your day and it will give you an immediate shift in your own energy to be a receiver of childlike bliss. 

What is shared

💗 Learn the cellular benefits of play and how it increases happiness.

💗 Learn how to begin, trust and integrate playtime into your life.

💗 Experience a powerful guided visualization to reclaim all the laughs, giggles and the energizing happiness that is available to embrace everyday.

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