Can you recall memories that don’t carry great feelings and trigger you?

Through my years of work in epigenetics, it never ceases to amaze me how the power of memory travels through space and time. The ability for memories to linger like ghosts and haunt the present. Depending on our perspective or the lens we see them through, they can bring us pain or pleasure.

Unfortunately, we have the tendency to focus on the painful aspects of memory and dwell on the negativity. For example, we might get 999 positive and uplifting comments on our social media, but the one negative comment is the one we focus on and think about.

It’s this shift of focus and perspective that I want to dive into so you can see the abundance of choice right in front of you when it comes to even your most challenging memories.

Plus, I’ll be guiding you through a special visualization I like to call “Flip the Coin.”

But first, I want to pass along two key principles when it comes to a better understanding of the deep impact our memories can have on our lives.

1:  Emotional Timestamps

During our lifetime, we have certain experiences that trigger deep emotions, which lead to them setting the stage for a memory.

In those moments, your emotions create a unique timestamp, locking in the events of that moment, seemingly frozen in place inside your minds. Which is why we can be struck by a memory 40 years later and it seems to carry a similar intensity as when it first occurred.

And whenever we travel back to that memory in our mind, the emotions are triggered by that emotional timestamp, like a personal logbook for your lifetime.

Unfortunately, too many of us treat those emotional timestamps from our memories as if they are irreversible, and when we falsely believe they are, it can lead to another limiting belief I refer to as…

2: Identity Stickers

Recently, we’ve been spending time on our stories and how we carry them forward in our lives. The memories we create over time are the fuel that drives those stories, and these memory-driven stories eventually lay the groundwork for our identity.

Our memory-driven stories create an identity sticker that gets slapped on our hearts, minds, and spirits. And if we only allow a certain range of memories to build that identity sticker, it can seem almost impossible to peel off.

Which leads to the tricky, sticky part of managing your memories. For most of your life, you may believe that they carry only one meaning. When, in fact, you have a plethora of options when it comes to your memories.

Experience this powerful guided “Flip the Coin” visualization to learn about emotional timestamps and identity stickers and how you can reprogram your brain and change the lens on your memories to provide you with the clarity and wisdom you desire to craft limitless empowering choices. 

What is shared

💗 Find out how to shift your focus and perspective to see the abundance of choices right in front of you, when it comes to, even your most challenging memories.

💗 Learn how to reverse emotional timestamps from your memories. 

💗 Learn how to manage and change the meaning of memories that serve as your identity stickers. 

💗 Experience a powerful guided visualization that will reprogram your brain and change the lens on your memories to craft limitless empowering choices. 


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