Turn Into Your Shadows And Love Your Light

Shadow and Light  

One cannot exist without the other.  

And yet many of us continue to struggle inside a clash between the two in our own hearts and minds.

Always wanting to run away from our shadow self and only embrace the light side of our life.

But what if accepting and even loving the shadows of your life cracked the seal on a doorway to limitless light and expansion?

Imagine if what you face in the darkness provides you the clarity to see your true power and who you’ve been called to be in this world?

There is a gift in the shadows if you’re willing to see.

Just like my wonderful client Alan last week.

This past Tuesday, he found himself deep inside a meditative experience as the rain fell outside on a dark and gloomy morning.

As he continued down a path of searching within his shadows, his tears began to match the showers hitting the windshield of his car.

But why?

And more importantly, why were Alan’s tears a mix of divine release and exquisite joy?  

How could turning into his shadow self provide healing AND power?

Because through facing the shadows that hide behind us, we embrace the full capacity of who we’ve been called to be on this earth.

Ever since Alan experienced a deeply traumatic car accident at the age of 3 years old…He’s carried many shadows behind him.

Survivor’s guilt due to his younger sister of only 18 months passing away.

A false belief that he will always be worthless and undeserving of love and abundance because he shouldn’t be here if his sister isn’t.

A shadow that kept whispering to him daily that no matter what he accomplishes in his lifetime, it will never be enough and that he will never pay back the gift of a second chance at life.

And these shadows can become almost unbearable to carry on our own.

Alan knows this at a deep level.

Which is why his meditation experience in the rain was so profound.

For while he was able to turn into and recognize all those false beliefs and learn to accept that they are lies he can let go of now…

He also opened the doorway to something in the darkness of his shadows he never anticipated at all…


Because there were pieces of himself lost in those shadows that his false beliefs had kept hidden from him for decades.  46 years to be exact.

He found a deep acceptance of that part of him who always knew he was called to use his unique voice and skills to empower and heal others.

That he was called to be a warrior for awakening the true voice in others feeling lost in their own void of pain, guilt and self-condemnation.

But Alan never would’ve been able to tap into this mind bending, soul enriching revelation if he always ignored his shadow.

He had to turn away from the light and embrace the darkness.

He had to come to terms with the fact that both are to be in balance for him to truly live a life of infinite opulence and limitless expansion.

He had to find the gifts in both.

So let me ask you the same question that Alan asked himself as he stretched his heart, mind and soul during his meditation that morning.

What are the shadows you must turn into in order to heal and find your long hidden power?

Do you carry an unnecessary guilt from a past experience?

Was there a childhood experience on the playground that planted a seed of always playing the role of silent victim?

Or is there an inherited belief about your relationship to financial abundance that always leaves you feeling stuck?

Because here is the sneaky thing that occurs if you only allow yourself to fix your gaze on the Light.

The Shadows increase in weight for they always will trail behind you.

And the brighter and bigger the Light of your life, your Shadows must match it’s intensity…It’s the yin and yang of the universe.

We must always be in balance.

If you refuse to turn around and embrace the shadows, the weight of them could hold you back and leave you feeling shackled to a past of limitation and lack.

That wasn’t Alan’s calling.

That isn’t your calling.

For here is the wisdom I hope you carry with you moving forward.

Every gift inside your deepest shadow was planted there by the Light of love, joy and inspired creation.

Turn and embrace your shadow and you will discover your true light.

They both are here to serve your divine purpose.