“Ordinary riches can be stolen; real riches cannot. In your soul are infinitely precious things that cannot be taken from you.” – Oscar Wilde

Patterns and beliefs passed down from your ancestors need to be redefined.

While your trauma, hurt, sadness, etc. is not your fault, it is also not your ancestors’ fault. It is never okay to blame somebody else as it keeps you in victim mode and your ancestors did not pass negative things down on purpose to you on purpose.

Far too many of us have been taught to ignore hidden treasures from our inheritance. Or maybe you’ve never been shown where these soul riches are to be found because you’ve been blind to their presence due to a misguided perspective.

Misguided focus on pain passed down becomes a heavy burden. It drowns out what is good rather than discovering blessings or allowing them to manifest in our lives.

But if you pick up your soul’s shovel and dig deeper, you can uncover your soul’s gift. Underneath, you can find a gem of gratitude and worth.

Through your inheritance, you can win the day and create passion. You can keep charging ahead with what’s right. You can attract your perfect tribe.

It is only a matter of simply always allowing time and space to dig deeper and find the gems of your hidden treasure.

Let me share with you a special guided visualization that you can put into practice as it integrates into your subconscious and bless yourself with your soul’s shovel that helps you unearth the bliss of your inheritance.

What is shared

💗 Learn how to redefine the patterns and beliefs you inherited  

💗 Learn how to find the gem of gratitude and glory within your soul 

💗 Find out how to unearth the bliss of your inheritance and create unexpected abundance

💗 Experience a special guided visualization you can put into practice to unearth who you are!

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