How can expressing gratitude and honoring yourself with empowering praise lead you to receiving more of it from the outside world?

Gratitude is essential for developing and maintaining your self-confidence. There is a magic to self-appreciation that leads to receiving more from the outside world. If you’re not overflowing with self-appreciation, you won’t be able to appreciate the people around you or what the world is providing for you.

Being able to express an immense level of gratitude back to yourself creates a reciprocation that begins to flow almost magically.

Because if your heart, mind, and soul fall into a place of scarcity rather than abundance, you will find yourself clutching to any small drops of self-appreciation because they become so rare for you. This sense of scarcity may have come from your own limiting patterns and inherited unworthiness from your ancestors.

This divine principle of self-appreciation isn’t something that is normally passed down through the generations. And when we take a step back and think about our own experiences of self-appreciation, many times they have been met with judgment. It could have been judged by a grandparent, parents, teachers, co-workers, friends, or even strangers!

Because we are afraid of appearing arrogant or selfish, we will hold back from acknowledging ourselves.

We hold back from expressing a deep appreciation for our skills, talents, and unique personality, to ourselves because we are used to acknowledging our flaws and the need for improvement. 

You might have a hard time communicating your skills and talents with others because you’re concerned they will think you’re being arrogant. 

Deep self-appreciation is how you own your divinity and calling as a creator in this world. It’s not arrogance; it’s a divine drive of confidence in who you are!

The false perception of you being selfish when you self-appreciate is a fallacy that can mess with the faith you have in yourself. Rather than being selfish, you’re exhibiting a unique form of exquisite bravery, an ability for you to move mountains even as your story of expansion shifts and changes along the way.

It is through this brave act of self-appreciation that you can stay the course no matter the challenges that may arrive for you.

Self-appreciation is a gateway not only to deep, empowering gratitude for yourself but also for the world around you.

Because if you can express appreciation for yourself, it shows as you glow around others, and by giving yourself this divine permission, you become a beacon for others to follow your lead.

By pouring into yourself first, you pour into others. They pour into themselves, and they return the favor, and the cycle continues forever.

Unlock your ability to appreciate your gifts by ditching the scarcity mindset and embracing who you really are with a powerful guided visualization to integrate your self-appreciation. 

What is shared

💗 Find out how to develop and maintain your self-confidence. 

💗 Learn how to express a deep appreciation for yourself without feeling ‘arrogant’. 

💗 Discover how to own your divinity and calling as a creator in this world.

💗 Experience a powerful guided visualization that will help you unlock your ability to appreciate your gifts by ditching the scarcity mindset and embracing who you really are.

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