Do you ever make a promise to yourself and then don’t follow through? How did that feel? 

What about when you DID follow through on a promise to yourself – feels so good right? 

Promises are commitments to yourself. 

Keeping these types of promises are vital to our sense of self-worth and confidence. In this video I share the

1: A promise to yourself  honors who you are. 

It’s okay to put yourself first without any guilt or shame as it helps you serve more people. The act of fulfilling your own promises will give you the deserved sense of honor about what you do and who you are.

Most of us have been taught that giving ourselves a pat on the back is egotistical or selfish. But in fact, honoring yourself after completing a self-promise must happen. It’s the greatest representation of your own ability to express your personal power.

Stand by your choices AND own your results. When you honor yourself, you set a new standard for the world around you that you will not be taken for granted or undervalued.

You have a deeper sense of self-worth with every promise you make and keep. 

2: A Surge of Self-Accountability

There is an extremely special and unique energy surge when you hold yourself accountable to your self-promises.

This liberating sense of self-ownership can only be accessed when you make yourself a promise without outside accountability.

Being okay with keeping your self-promise silent, allows you to not lose the momentum on the goal you’ve set. It’s a whole different win.

3: Self-promise is synonymous with self-care.

Every time you keep your own self-promise, you give yourself permission to celebrate, expand and step into your life purpose to a greater scale. You give yourself permission to find passion in your life.

Start living in integrity and keep promises to yourself by practicing this powerful guided visualization that will allow you to put your own promises and commitments as a priority in your life.

What is shared

💗 Find out how to honor yourself and be mindful of who you are.

💗 Learn how to hold yourself accountable and experience a different kind of win.

💗 Learn how to give yourself permission to find passion in your life and step into your purpose to a greater scale.

💗 Experience a powerful guided visualization that will allow you to make self-promises and commitments a rewarding priority in your life.


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