Keep Your Energy Clean… Even When The World Gets Dirty

Just when so many of us were thinking we could rejoice in the year 2021…

There have been some more unexpected challenges.

And unfortunately, many of these recent events might have left you feeling disconnected from your true energetic self.

Recently, you might have woken up a few mornings feeling “dirty.”

So what do you do?  ????

How do you keep your energy clean when the world seems committed to keeping you covered in the filth of pure negativity?

Where the mass media seems to become like a vampire sucking away your attention from the positivity and light of this world.

And as you feel more and more drained, every step of your day can feel as if you’re trying to run through endless pools of quicksand.

Grateful for the relief that comes at night when you lay your head to rest…

Only to awaken to the feeling of the next social media mudslide dragging you away from your empowered self.

Now I know that many of these things can seem out of your control…

And they are.

Which is actually pretty great!

Because if you have the wisdom to see that you cannot control the negative world ..Then you can become grateful for your ability to maintain your own clean, internal energy source.

And today I wanted to share 3 simple tips on how you can do just that! ????

1:  Crystal Talismans and Your Soul Stone:  

“Your soul stone is a mirror and guide, literally a touch stone you can come back to again and again for energy, solace, healing, and illumination. 

Its frequency and vibration closely matches the frequency and vibration of your soul, the core of who you are, untouched by traumas, conditioning, or the shadow self.

It can be any crystal or stone in the mineral kingdom. It could even be a rock you find in your back garden or riverbed. 

It does not have to be fancy, high frequency, rare, or expensive. Each and every one is beautiful. Each and every one has a universe inside it, waiting for you.” – Krista Mitchell

I bring this up as the first step to keeping your energy clean when the world gets negative and dirty and it’s so simple.

Plus it’s a tangible object that you can carry with you at all times.  

Available the moment you feel the world around you slinging mud at your energy…You can reach into your pocket and FEEL the soul stone.

My soul stone is selenite

Simply take a minute or two to feel the texture of your soul stone, and you’ll quickly be reminded of your divinity.

It will help absorb the negative dirt of the world.

2:  Login to the “social media of nature.”

Now as much as we all enjoy scrolling through our Facebook feeds and the Instagram stories of our friends online…

Getting caught up in the constant digital tidal waves of social media can lead to us feeling kind of “sticky icky.” ????

This is why I encourage all of my clients to unplug from their phones and login to some much needed time in nature.

There is a cleansing that occurs whether you spend time wandering in the woods, dipping your toes in the ocean or making snow angels like a kid.

For it is when we detach from all our technology, that we arrive back at our true source of enlightening energy.

So even if it’s a simple walk around the block in your neighborhood…

Or hiking to the top of a mountain…

Log back into the power of nature.

“I go to nature to be soothed and healed, and to have my senses put in order.” – John Burroughs

3:  Find Your Stillness:  

Yes I’m going to speak on the cleansing power of meditation.  

Even though it’s almost become cliche as every silicon valley guru raves about it…That doesn’t take away from it’s benefits.

There is a reason that meditation has been a practice of internal reflection, spiritual connection and a way to reset the mind for hundreds of years.

For it allows you a path to shut off the influences of the outside world, especially when it gets a bit ugly.

Plus again, this is a tip that is so simple to apply in your everyday life.

You can take your coffee break at work and spend 10 minutes sitting in your car listening to soothing music or doing breathwork.

For some of you, you might prefer to leverage certain apps like Calm, Headspace or put on a Lisa Thomas Healing Activation Meditations 

Any of these can help you drop into yourself with stillness and clear away the negativity of the outside world.

“Meditation is all about the pursuit of nothingness. It’s like the ultimate rest. It’s better than the best sleep you’ve ever had. It’s a quieting of the mind. It sharpens everything, especially your appreciation of your surroundings. It keeps life fresh.” – Hugh Jackman

I realize the world around us is slinging negativity darts at our heart, mind and soul.

Use these simple tips to reclaim your inner calm, cleanse yourself and return to the divine wisdom you carry within you.

Make yourself clean again

You deserve it

Sending you lots of love,