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5 Affirmations To Disarm Your Phobias

Phobias are strange things, aren’t they?

From spiders… to clowns… to flying in planes… they are very individualized, and the sufferer may not even know why the phobia exists.

There is often no history of trauma regarding the item or situation in question and while some phobias can be mildly annoying, others can have a very large impact on your quality and enjoyment of life.

Some phobias will stop you from choosing an experience or opportunity that would otherwise be a life-enhancing or joy-filled event.  This can happen in both your personal life as well as your career.

Not being able to fly on a plane may limit your job opportunities or your ability to travel with your partner… while fear of bugs may limit your desire to enjoy and connect with nature.

If you have ever observed someone reacting to even a mild phobia, the automatic fear response overrides everything else going on in that moment…

A normally shy or quiet individual might react by yelling or making a scene…even in the middle of an important meeting… if a mouse suddenly comes into view…

A big burly man may quickly and unapologetically run in the opposite direction if he sees a big spider crawling down the wall…

A normally calm and rational woman may find herself near panic if she suddenly finds herself driving across a large bridge…

This seeming irrational response to a normal situation shows that there is something more going on here…there is an unconscious pattern at work that is overriding the ability to see the situation for what it really is.

A mouse or a spider is rather unlikely to cause you any harm and the chances of a bridge collapsing or you driving off the edge of it is also not a likely conclusion… and yet if this is your phobia you respond as if your life is in imminent danger.

In order to be released from these unconscious patterns, the root of the phobia needs to be identified and addressed.  In cases where there is no history of trauma that would cause such a response…my conclusion would be that the fear has been passed down through your ancestors and the energy surrounding that fear needs to be cleared at that level.

If this sounds strange to you…think of it like an instinct that has been passed down through the cellular memory.  At some point along the family line, there was a trauma associated with a small space…a high place…an animal…water or a wide-open space that left a memory, like a warning, in the DNA code.

You inherited that innate fear response and even though you are actually safe…you will respond as if you are not.

The way to neutralize these irrational fears is always the same…you need to bring TRUTH and LIGHT to the situation.  

Affirm you are safe…that there is no danger…and you have the ability to enjoy the situation or experience to its fullest without fear of harm.

Start by affirming the following truths before you find yourself in a trigger situation so that they can be your go-to when you feel yourself getting wrapped up in a fear response.

I 100% release any negative thought patterns and no longer give my power away to fears and childhood phobias

I no longer give fear or anxiety my power as I faithfully step out of my comfort zone

I am safe, I am supported, I am secure

I have the power, I am bigger, I am stronger, and I am no longer afraid of __________

I recognize my fear as false and affirm the truth that I am safe

Don’t let phobias limit your ability to experience what you have been put here on earth to experience.  Acknowledge your phobia in a safe place to a safe person so that they can help you work through any lingering issues and continue to state your affirmations until the fear no longer controls you.


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