A woman holding a fan of $50 bills in front of her face - "5 Ways To Attract More Money"

5 Ways To Attract More Money

It can sometimes feel like only ‘other people’ have it easy, or money flows to them without much effort. Believe it or not this is a limiting belief. We all have the ability to attract and have abundance in our lives.

In fact, the story that you tell yourself, such as ‘I’ll never have enough money in the bank’, or ‘having a 7 figure business is too out of reach’ can actually PREVENT money from coming your way.

Money flows with greater ease when we are in alignment with what comes easy to us.

But we are not raised to do what comes easy to us, are we?

Easy is what we are naturally gifted at, it’s often a hobby or a skill that we take for granted. When we allow ourselves to make money doing what we love, money flows; yes, you still work, but earning money is not physically exhausting, often you have more energy…There is a big difference.

I want you to start saying these 5 things to yourself to move towards what is easier and to stop telling yourself the wrong messages. This will help you attract more opportunities and more money.

Wholeness is knowing that I am enough to have financial success.

I am 100% worthy of having financial abundance now and always.

I am always worthy of a financial increase, whether I believe it or not.

I am open to making a lot of money doing what I love.

I am 100% worthy of having financial success in my career to flow into my life.

Repeating these affirmations and telling yourself a different story, will naturally adjust the energy around you, how you see opportunities and what money will attract to you.

I’m here for you. I want you to feel worthy of abundance, of happiness. I want to support you in this journey and live the life you want!

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