6 Truths to Increase Your Confidence and Embrace Authenticity

One of the worst feelings in the world is to feel like you’re ‘not enough’.

This feeling of inadequacy is most often the root feeling of those who are stuck in the stagnant energy of depression or the chaotic energy of anxiety.   

After all, if you feel like you don’t belong, don’t measure up or can’t trust yourself, you’re probably not going to move forward in exciting, purposeful and new directions!

It is so important to recognize these feelings of inadequacy run counter to the universal truth that you ARE enough and that you DO have purpose and infinite value.

I know that’s easy to say and sometimes a whole lot harder to believe.

That’s why repeating truth statements to yourself is so important.

These feelings of inadequacy are a result of messages that you have received both consciously and unconsciously your whole life.

The only way to change these feelings is to change the messages you choose to receive and believe!

Below are 6 truths that you can repeat daily to start changing the patterns of low confidence in your thoughts (and ultimately) your life.

  • I have purpose in this world, my life has validity and I am confident in this knowledge.
  • I am confident and powerful. I am equal to everyone – whether I believe it or not.
  • Decisions come easily for me as I embrace all of life’s experiences, they are a part of my education and growth.
  • I believe in positive lasting change and transformation; positive change serves my highest good.
  • I can help others feel heard without sacrificing my own values, goals and purposeful direction.
  • I am now and always have unlimited potential. I manifest the deepest wisdom, the highest truth and the purest love in myself.

Even if these statements don’t feel “true” to you now, keep going! The daily repetition will sow the seed for new neural pathways to form, so that eventually these confident and powerful truths will become fully ingrained into your thoughts and reality.

I believe in YOU, your infinite value, and your precise purpose. Step into your authentic truth and watch your life change!

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