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7 Affirmations To Declare When Your Fears Are Sabotaging Your Success

You’ve set your goals, done your homework and are ready to launch into success!

You know your stuff…

You have the right tools…

You have a solid plan in place…

…but for some reason, you just can’t seem to push the start button.

You didn’t make the call that needed to be made…

You didn’t set the date or book the room for your seminar…

You didn’t ‘go-live’ with your website or podcast…

You procrastinate about finishing your book…

You feel nervous when you think about people perceiving you as ‘an expert’

These are all signs that you have the fear of being visible.

Once you become visible your life changes forever and while this can bring about many positive things…there is scary side to success.

You may fear…

not being liked…or worse…being ridiculed

asking for money when you’ve previously “helped” people for free

making a very visible mistake

not being a good public speaker

people not taking you seriously as an expert…or worse you don’t believe that you are an expert.

nobody signs up for your seminar/webinar

The difference between successful people and those who cannot get started is not that the successful people didn’t have any fears…but rather they acknowledged their fears and took the leap in spite of them.

Some of these fears might even come true…so you must make a choice

You either allow your fears to stop you from pressing START…or you acknowledge those fears and take the leap…understanding that you are not going to do everything perfectly all the time…you may even fail in a spectacular fashion…just like everybody else who has ever done something worth doing.

Use the following affirmations to put fear in its place so that you can do the thing you have been put here on the earth to do!

I am deserving of owning my life purpose and allowing my Soul to be fed, using my gifts and talents to help others.

I deserve to be fairly compensated financially as a thank you for the value I add to people’s lives

I am safe being seen, it serves my highest good to allow myself to be seen for who I am not who I think people want me to be.

I am bigger than my fears – I am courageous, and I can do the hard things

I am moving forward, I am no longer connected to the old patterns of the past.

Even if I stumble or fail, I am strong enough to keep going as I know I am fulfilling my purpose

I am different, I am whole and I am allowing wonderful opportunities to find me

Repeat these statements daily to hold your fears at bay which will allow you to book that room…make that call…or go live and move into the flow of abundance and success that is just waiting to find you.  

I BELIEVE in you!

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