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Change Your Words, Change Your Life

I sometimes can’t help but cringe when I hear the way people talk about themselves and their lives.

Knowing what I know about the power of words and subconscious beliefs, I am sensitive to the messages that I hear those around me telling themselves, especially when I know those messages are rooted in false beliefs that they have about their value and their place in the Universe.

I often hear people stating absolutes that are based on things they have learned from their past. What they don’t realize is that when they restate a false belief from their past, they are moving the belief into their present and even future experience.

“Nothing good ever happens to me”

“I am such a screw up”

“Look at how fat and ugly I am”

“You just can’t trust a man”

“Every time I think I’m getting ahead financially, something happens”

“I am always getting sick”

There is power in words. A thought has some power, but when you take a thought and give voice to it, your power of creation is magnified. It’s magnified because now you, your body, your mind and everyone within earshot are involved in what you are bringing into the world.

Unfortunately, false beliefs can spread like wildfire and this can lead to living a life of self-fulfilling prophecies.

When your body hears, “I am always getting sick”, your cells will respond to that belief and more sickness will begin to manifest in your life.

When your son hears, “you just can’t trust a man”, he may become untrustworthy and fulfill that belief for you or someone else.

When your partner hears, “look at how fat and ugly I am”, they may begin to see you as less than perfect…especially if you remind them often how “fat and ugly you are”.

When your mind hears, “nothing good ever happens to me”, all your experiences will run through that subconscious grid so that you become blind to the good that does happen to you, and all you can see is the bad.

Then, when your beliefs are “proven” to be true again, you will make the statement again which will continue the cycle of self-fulfilling prophecies.

Words are powerful and when you become conscious of both the verbal and internal messages you are telling yourself about yourself and your world you will begin to see how aligned your words and your outward reality become. It is at this point of awareness that you can begin to make different choices about what you chose to voice, which will produce a different outcome.

When you realize how powerful words are, you begin to understand and appreciate the power of affirmations. The right affirmations will lead you away from false beliefs into a place of truth if you let them.

Reflect on the following intentions to help you change your self-fulfilling prophecies from negative to positive outcomes:

I believe that my words have the power to change my reality

I always choose words that empower me and make me stronger

I speak encouragement and love to myself and others

I reject false beliefs that tell me I am less than divine potential

As you become more conscious of your words, you will now have the option to choose them with more intention and purpose. This will change how you reflect on your past, live in the present and anticipate your future.

My goal is to release people from the shackles of false beliefs that keep them stuck and literally imprisoned in a reality that does not serve their best interest. Changing your words will change your life.

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