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Are You Experiencing Download Overload?

We have never before in human history lived at a time where we have so much instant access to information.

We have the ability to plug in and find the answer to just about any question you can think of. There are endless podcasts, blogs, news outlets, gossip columns, business groups, self-improvement resources, books and short tutorials on every subject imaginable.

We have instant access to the lives of friends, families, celebrities, and strangers right across the world. We can know everything about them from what they ate for dinner to what their new shoes look like and how much they paid for them.

We have notifications pop up on our phones for everything from text messages, social media responses, weather forecasts, amazon sales, and breaking news. These notifications ding 24/7 and can cause us to become scattered in a thousand different directions as we try to keep up and stay engaged.

We often look at this open access to information as being a very positive thing, but I want you to consider this access a bit differently…

What if you started looking at the fact that all this information has open access to you….?

When you don’t control the information that you allow to come into your space, you are allowing outside forces to control what you see, hear, feel and respond to.

  • You allow notifications to distract and overwhelm you.
  • You allow the unfiltered opinions of others to have access to you whenever they want.
  • You permit negativity and sensationalistic news to shape your perspective of the world.
  • You compare your ordinary day against a friend’s vacation of a lifetime.
  • You begin to align with the polarizing ideas of “us vs them”.
  • You overwhelm your brain with so many different pieces of information that your brain needs to categorized and processed everything as you sleep.

All this information will either be received by you on a conscious or unconscious level and will affect your perspective of reality. When you are constantly plugged into noise and information, you are not plugged into source energy. When you lose your connection to source you lose the perspective of what is true, good and excellent.

Take some time to consider the amount and quality of information that you have allowed access to your space. Turn off your notifications for anything non-essential and have information/ tech-free times of the day.

Consider the following affirmations to counter the noise of too much information to bring you back to balance and reaffirm your priorities.

Only the information I choose will have access to me.

I am focused and not easily distracted in unproductive hours of social media.

I consciously choose to block information that unnecessarily feeds a negative or depressing worldview.

I choose to raise my vibration through uplifting information. 

I am enough. I do not require “likes” for my self-worth or feelings of belonging.

Disengaging from your devices can initially leave you feeling disconnected and bored, but this is only because it is something that is a regular part of your life. Remember, humans have existed for hundreds of thousands of years without this constant barrage of information. 

Give it a bit of time and discipline and you will begin to see this constant attachment to tech in a new light.  

I am not saying to eliminate your devices or technology, I am suggesting to stop letting it control you 24/7

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