"Living in the Present Moment" against a pink and orange sunset

The Importance Of Living In The Present Moment

We hear a lot of talk about “living in the present moment” …but what exactly does that mean?

Too often our fears and anxieties are either dragging us back to the past to rehash old mistakes and traumas… or transporting us to the future with fears of what is to come.

Becoming more present is the conscious recognition that all we have is this moment…

When our thoughts drag us back to the past to obsess about our failure or the wrongs that were done to us, we are dragging those negative emotions into our present moment where they don’t belong.

When our fears about a future that does not yet exist cause us to live in constant worry about all the things that could go wrong…it sabotages the joy of our present reality.

Becoming more present takes the moment we are having “as it is”. If our present moment is full of joy, love and happiness we need to soak it all in and give thanks for our blessings.

If our present moment is filled with pain or heartache, we need to acknowledge the situation for what it is. Not better than it is and not worse than it is. It is important that we don’t tell ourselves untrue stories about our pain situations. This helps us to grieve and process appropriately which will allow us to re-enter joy at the proper moment without dragging the trauma into our future.

For example, when you are spending quality time with your family don’t let the thoughts of unpaid bills infringe on your time with your children. Yes, the unpaid bills need to be dealt with but thinking about them while playing with your kids diminishes what should be a joy-filled time.

Bringing fearful or anxious thoughts into an otherwise beautiful moment will not help you “fix” the thing you are anxious about.

Leave the beautiful moments beautiful and come up with an action plan for the challenges during a set period of time that will not steal you away from moments of love and connection.

Affirm the following truths to help you stay more present and take control over your fear and negative scripts.

I am choosing to let go of any and all negative chatter and false beliefs that keep me shackled to the events of my past

I am moving forward, allowing positive changes that serve my highest good into my life

I will only focus on positive empowering thoughts and I will no longer tolerate giving my power away to negative thoughts

I am now and always loved, valued and important and embrace all that life has to offer

I meet all my responsibilities in their appropriate time and place

There is always enough time, money, and resources

Applying the discipline of living in the present will increase your quality of life to new levels and allow each moment to be exactly what it should be.

Acknowledge and say thank-you to your past…fully embrace your present and look forward with confidence to your future!

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