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Transform A Negative Environment With These 5 Affirmations

I’m sure you’ve heard the question “Are you a glass-half-full or a glass half empty kind of person?”

The interesting thing about this question is…if you are a ‘glass half empty’ person, you probably are unlikely to admit to anyone…even yourself.

Nobody likes to think of themselves as a ‘negative’ person because it’s socially agreed upon that negativity is not a positive attribute!

In our society, we give a lot of ‘lip service’ to the idea of optimism and positivity but this is not all reflected in our day to day influences and interactions.

For example…

Conversations amongst your co-workers can quickly cycle up or down based on the strongest personality or leader in the group. If your manager hates their job and complains about the working environment, chances are those around them will also complain.

The media- When was the last time you saw a positive spin on a news story on CNN?

The comments section on the internet…ok…enough said!

Negativity can progress until the point of becoming a “culture” or “energy” within an organization…a family…population subgroup…or even a Country!

So how do you, first, protect yourself from these negative influences and, secondly, bring light, life, and positivity to an already established negative environment?

The first thing to do is to acknowledge and release the seeds of negativity in your own life.  If you tend to have a negative mindset…pretending you don’t will not help the situation.  Affirm your desire to form mental patterns of positivity that run counter to your inner negative script.

Secondly, when you find yourself in a negative environment, remain detached from the situation, drama or conversation. Don’t offer an opinion that will reinforce the negative script that is already running. Avoid gossip and when safe to do so, offer an opposing viewpoint.

Thirdly, make the following affirmations a part of your daily routine as well as mantras that you can call upon when you find yourself sliding into negativity or contributing to the script in unhelpful ways:

I now and always choose thoughts and words that heal, cleanse, and empower myself and others

What I think about I bring about, I am positive, I am empowered to create the life I desire.

I will no longer allow negative thoughts or situations to take away my power

I am safe being seen and I am safe speaking up for myself and others

The negativity of others only confirms my desire to focus on the positive

Remember, we are co-creators with the universe and others.

We can choose to bring a gift of peace and light to chaos and darkness where others cannot or will not do so.

As more of us take on this role of being light bearers and stop contributing to the negative script we will see positive shifts occur, on the level of individuals, families and even nations which will transform the planet as we know it.  I invite you to be a part of this amazing journey!

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