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When Lack Of Self-Care Leads To Exhaustion

When you are someone who receives a lot of joy and purpose from serving others it is very easy for life to suddenly slide out of balance and you find yourself overwhelmed and exhausted.   The things that once brought you joy are suddenly a chore and the people that you once loved serving… you begin to resent.

To compound this feeling of exhaustion is the unjustified guilt that you suddenly feel when you realize that you can’t meet all the responsibilities that have been placed upon you.

You feel that you are letting people down…

Even worse…sometimes it’s your partner, children or close friends whom you feel you are disappointing.

So…the choice becomes ‘overwhelmed and exhausted’ or ‘guilt-ridden’… feeling like you’re not enough.

I am here to remind you that neither of these choices reflects the abundant life you are designed to be living and that the discipline of self-care is one of the most important things you need to master.  

When you travel too fast for too long believing the lie that your usefulness to others equals your worthiness for love or respect or belonging…you’ve lost sight of your foundation and are running on the false ground.

It is time to stop.

It is time to breathe.

It is time to nurture the part of yourself that has become deaf to your own needs, wants and desires.

Today I give you permission to rest and to say ‘no’.

If you are living life between overwhelm and guilt and have put self-care to the side, there are some deep-seated beliefs which need to be acknowledged and cleared for you to move forward…guilt free…into the restful abundance of living a purposeful life.

You can start this process by stating the following truths to begin to counter the conditioning that you have received about your responsibilities towards others.

I now release my emotional need to always put others first

I only say yes to time commitments that I can honor and that serve my highest good.

I am no longer hiding behind bad choices or self-indulgence that no longer serve my highest good

My self-worth grows stronger as I show myself love and respect by taking the time to meet my own needs

My self-worth is not dependent upon my usefulness to others

I trust good things are happening for me and that I am connected to universal abundance

If you feel emotions well up as you state these truths it may be because of the fear of what will happen if you DO begin to act in ways that set boundaries for others and put yourself first. TRUST the process.

Removing old beliefs and patterns that no longer serve you will disrupt the current status quo…and will probably upset some people…but the movement from scarcity, fear, and obligation to abundance, love and purpose is a welcomed destination.

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