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7 Things To Announce When Your Dreams Are BIG But Your Fears Are BIGGER

Often the people with the biggest dreams also have the biggest fears.

The good news is, FEAR is…a response that you have as a result of conscious and unconscious beliefs and conditioning. No two people have all the exact same fears because no two people have experienced the exact same life circumstances.   Your fears are based on your own experiences as well as the experiences that have been passed down to you from your ancestors, through both cultural norms and even your DNA.

These big fears are an evolutionary response to help protect you from danger.The problem is, the mind and body don’t do a very good job at distinguishing between real, present danger and perceived, imaginary danger. As a result, you can be stuck in paralyses, unable to move forward with your dreams even though you are actually safe, secure, protected and valued.

The best way to combat the illusions of fear is through powerful truth statements about the reality of your security. Regularly repeating the following 7 statements will help dissolve the unhelpful fear and anxiety that may be keeping you stuck.

The best way to state these truths is by announcing them…in a big, loud, confident voice!  This helps to create the energy and feelings that will push against the fear energy that has been stalling your dreams for too long.

I am calm, confident and productive in making my dreams come true

I live my life with passion and purpose

I fully accept myself, courageously embrace change and call forth my dreams into the present tense

I am empowered and embracing the process of reaching my goals

I am receiving clarity in my life purpose, I am living a purposeful life

Good things are happening to me

I am successful in little and big purposeful ways, love is in my life, business is flowing, all is in alignment…whether I believe it or not!

To move into even greater confidence and powerful energy, try announcing these truths while standing in a powerful, open stance or raising your arms in a big, energetic way.   

Adding physical presence to these statements will dispel fear energy even more quickly and help to integrate these new beliefs more efficiently. If there are specific fears that keep coming to mind, address them verbally, thank them for caring about your protection and let them know “you’ve got this!”   

Your big dreams and divine purpose are waiting on the other side of fear so take the leap and watch them unfold.

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