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When You’ve Been Rejected

I don’t think there is a worse feeling than the feeling of rejection.

When someone has rejected you in a relationship, social group, performance group or even a job… the overwhelming message that you can receive is that you are not enough.

You are not good enough…talented enough…smart enough or beautiful enough to be a part of the group, relationship, family or team. You are not deserving enough to be a part of someone’s life. You don’t belong here.

I have had people tell me that it would have been easier on them if their spouse had died…rather than the fact that they chose to leave. The action of being rejected has a way of growing into something that begins to take over all aspects of your life.

The act of rejection by another person, especially if it is a significant person such as a parent or lover, wounds on a deep level and causes us to look at the world very differently. When deep wounding occurs, we often internalize fierce lies as we try to understand what went wrong.

For whatever reason we tend to believe that the problem is with us…rather than with the other person. This is how these lies take root and begin to wear away at our soul.  When we believe the lies, the pattern of not being good enough, smart enough, talented enough or beautiful begins to repeat itself.

This repetition then confirms the story you are telling yourself about your worth.

When this happens, blockages of false beliefs begin to control the narrative of your life. This can cause you to become paralyzed or subconsciously avoid situations that may lead to further rejection. You stop trying to find love, belonging, a job… or even abandon what you thought was your life’s purpose. 

Recognizing these false beliefs for the lies that they are is the first step of freeing yourself from them.

Repeat these affirmations to bring light to the dark lies caused by rejection and return your life to a joy-filled place of love, purpose and belonging.

I am moving forward, calm​, confident​ and courageous​ in living a purposeful​ life

I feel peace​ and joy​ as I no longer give my power away to self-doubt

Negative opinions and judgements from others do not define my worth, I am safe​ to put myself out there and be seen​

I am 100% worthy​ and deserving​ to have deep, loving relationships.

​I am authentic, vulnerable and true to myself​…therefore I am loved​, understood​ and appreciated​ by others

I am 100% trusting​ to keep trying no matter what… knowing I will eventually receive what it is I seek

Never let a one-time significant rejection define you or the rest of your life. Acknowledge it as a painful part of your past, learn its lessons and move forward away from the pain, into the love, abundance and purpose that is waiting for you on the other side.

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