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5 Declarations To Help You Clear The Clutter

We are drowning in stuff…

From a very early age we received a message that “more” equals “better”. The more toys, clothes, food,games and shoes we have…the happier we will be.

Whether this belief came as a result of ancestors and parents living through poverty…or simply from marketing messages received on a daily basis, the result is still the same.

Our priority of accumulating material items proves we believe the following false ideas

More stuff equals a better life…

More stuff equals a higher status…

More stuff equals security…

More stuff equals comfort…

If you have ever spent money you didn’t have on something that you didn’t need (or even really want), then…like it or not…you have fallen into this false group mindset.

Even more strange is the probability that after the novelty of these new purchases ran low, you immediately went searching for the next new thing, repeating the cycle over and over again.

Sound familiar?

Well, it is time we take a good look at these ideas and really question what too much stuff is actually doing to you…your happiness…your health…AND your ability to realize your dreams!

The truth is…a cluttered physical environment affects your physical and mental energy and interrupts the flow of positive energy.  

It can cause anxiety and stress and a diminished ability to think clearly.   

It can zap your vitality, leading to constant feelings of being weighed down.  

Clutter can consist of possessions but also of disorganized piles of paperwork, bills or anything else that does not have a “place” in your home.

If you are living in a disordered environment it is important to take serious steps to clear the clutter so that you can make space mentally and physically for the new energy and opportunities the universe wants to send you.

As always, we need to begin with the root issue. The energy surrounding clutter is heavy and tiresome. We need to remove these stale energy blocks to allow space for the new…

Start with the following 5 affirmations to show the universe that you are serious about clearing the clutter. As you make these affirmations your own…both a firm desire… and a solid action plan for dealing with your clutter will begin to form.

  1.       I am easily inspired and self-motivated to declutter my environment.
  2.       I am moving beyond the things of my past and living in the present.
  3.       I am making space for new positive energy and experiences
  4.       I release with gratitude the things that are no longer serving my highest good
  5.       I am safe, vulnerable and open to receive love. I now and always accept and love myself.

Don’t be afraid to ask for help if you need it and stick with your plan until your home space becomes the peaceful sanctuary you deserve.

I am excited to hear from you how changing your environment changes your life!

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