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5 Powerful Intentions When You Need A Fresh Start

In our hectic modern life, we are often moving so quickly from one thing to another that we have put ourselves on auto-pilot just to keep up!

Over days, weeks and months of repetition, these subtle unconscious behaviors can eventually turn into ingrained habits that we suddenly realize are not contributing to our greater good.  

These unhelpful habits can show up in many places in our lives and can greatly affect:

The health of our bodies and minds

The state of our relationships

The quality of our work

Our ultimate joy and happiness

From our daily meal routine, to skipping our work-out or spending too much time on social media…these habits can be hard to break!

Sometimes all we want is a “clean slate” or a fresh start…

…but often “a fresh start” is easier said than done.

How many times have you said something like, “I’ll start on Monday!” and by Tuesday afternoon you have abandoned your plan for change and slipped right back into auto-pilot?

Once a habit has made its way to auto-pilot it takes awareness and a conscious recurring decision to make a permanent change. This can be a difficult process, and when we fail to make immediate changes, we often compound the problem with unhelpful emotions such as guilt or shame.

When you are in need of a fresh start, reflect on the following 5 intentions and repeat them throughout your day. It’s important to remember that breaking any habit requires both conscious and unconscious attention and healing.  

Repeating these intentions will help you produce new pathways of thought, while banishing the negative chatter that appears when things don’t always go as planned.   

I am allowing a new beginning; my transformation has begun.

I am easily inspired and self-motivated.

I am 100% deserving of a new level of success in my present life.

I am no longer willing to hide behind my addiction to placing blame and I am no longer addicted to the fear of taking responsibility.

I choose to let go of any and all fears, false beliefs and sabotages that keep me shackled to the negative thought patterns of living in the past or future.

These intentions are very powerful and can be personalized and applied to any situation that you need a fresh start on!  Take the time to fully grasp what each intention is actually saying…don’t just say the words…take in the whole truth of each statement…hear it…feel it.   You may not initially think that a particular statement applies to your situation, when in actuality that may be the one truth that you need to focus on the most!

Repeat these intentions as often as you need to and always remember…you have unlimited “fresh starts” available to you.  

Keep going…I believe in you!

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