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When You Feel Alone

Being alone is an interesting state to be in…

You can be physically alone and not feel alone, or you can be surrounded by hundreds of people and feel very alone…

Solitude is a state of being physically alone. 

Solitude can be a very healing and healthy place to be. 

This type of loneliness can allow you space to reflect, heal and connect with your source. It can be a time of insight, renewal and visualizing for the future. 

Some of the greatest poetry, philosophy, music, art and spiritual insights come from people who choose solitude over constant interaction with people.

Isolation is something very different. 

It is also a state of being alone but carries a much different energy to it. 

Whereas solitude is often a choice, isolation is not. 

Where solitude is a place of rest and renewal…

…isolation carries with it the idea of “not being enough’, “not supported”, or “not belong”.

There are many causes to isolation. 

Physical isolation, such as geography or work/family commitments that take us into a space that is away from others…

Some are situational, such as a relationship breakdown, sickness, or death in the family…

Often isolation is caused by conflict, where people who were formerly supportive of you have “chosen the other side”…

Even positive situations can bring about feelings of isolation, such as a new baby or a thriving business.

Although these are positive life events, they can take you away from former connections due to a change in routine and responsibility. If you do not have a partner (business or personal) who has taken on the same amount of new responsibility, the isolation can be compounded even further.

Isolation is the feeling that you are all alone in your situation and nobody understands or relates to what you are going through. 

Isolation also brings with it a hopeless energy where time seems to drag on and there is nothing new or fresh or exciting. 

Isolation can quickly lead to depression. 

Isolation is the number one factor in recurrent addictions.

When you are feeling isolated and need to reconnect the only way to break the cycle is to accept responsibility for your situation and take some big, brave steps forward to dispel the stale energy of aloneness and get momentum back into your life.

The first thing you might decide to do, is to turn your isolation into solitude. 

Maybe your isolation is the way the Universe is getting your attention and telling you that you need space to reflect, rest, process or create? 

Turn your alone time into a time of healing or creation. 

When you turn isolation into solitude you are making a choice and when you make a choice you return yourself to a place of power.

If your isolation is less physical and more situational, a different approach is required. It may mean repairing relationships, (or sometimes leaving a relationship) and clearly communicating your needs…

It means seeking out the support of others who are in the same situation as you are…

It may mean finding new friends or a new community to call home…

It might mean making some really difficult decisions…

None of this is an easy solution will dispel the stale energy and bring you back into flow.

Use the following affirmations to counter the lies that isolation tells you and replace them with the infinite truth of your value and belonging.

 I embrace all that life has to offer

I am worthy, I am enough

I am deserving of love and connection

I am easily inspired and self-motivated 

I am confident, I am charismatic, and all the right people are attracted to me

Remember that you are actually never alone. You are connected to everything. You are surrounded by infinite love, abundance, joy and peace and you have access to this source anytime you choose. 

Once you truly understand this, you will never feel alone again…but taking responsibility and actively seeking a solution.

What if the ability to forgive your family, the past or yourself is contributing to your loneliness?

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