How To Breakfree From Discontent & Lead a Purposeful Life


So many people feel a lack of purpose or live out of alignment with their true calling.  This typically leads to feeling discontent despite achievements, being stuck in a life based on external expectations as a people pleaser, and outgrowing one's current environment and relationships. This video will share insights and guidance on how to navigate these situations and find clarity to move forward towards


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Are You Striving or Thriving?


Are You Striving or Thriving? I love to see the people I am working with begin to understand the innate power that exists within them to manifest their reality. When someone goes from attracting their life circumstances by chance to understanding that they can attract their life circumstances by design, their life often begins to move forward in a positive direction. When


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Are you experiencing download overload?


Are You Experiencing Download Overload? We have never before in human history lived at a time where we have so much instant access to information. We have the ability to plug in and find the answer to just about any question you can think of. There are endless podcasts, blogs, news outlets, gossip columns, business groups, self-improvement resources, books and short tutorials


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When You’ve Been Rejected


When You’ve Been Rejected I don’t think there is a worse feeling than the feeling of rejection. When someone has rejected you in a relationship, social group, performance group or even a job… the overwhelming message that you can receive is that you are not enough. You are not good enough...talented enough…smart enough or beautiful enough to be a part of the


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Is It Time To Turn The Page?


Is It Time To Turn The Page? As human beings we seem to have an innate fear of change. We like our routines and the security that comes with a steady paycheck, fixed address and predictable schedule. These are all good things and blessings that we need to give thanks for as they are not realities for a large portion of the


Is It Time To Turn The Page?2023-06-12T09:28:23-07:00
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